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unicorn(s) in the Forbidden Forest

Naturally, the on-screen fire she breathed as Amy Pond is still burning bright playing the alien supervillain too, and we’re happy to report her Scottish choler (hidden behind a breathless American accent) takes charge of every scene she’s in. She may have chopped of all her hair for the role, but the Samson-esque strength she holds in this performance should see her career rocket off into the atmosphere, even further than the Tardis could ever go. —Big blockbuster: New Faces - four ways guardians of the galaxy could have gone wrong - and why it totally didn’t. [x] (via karenandthababes)


favorite doctor who quote per episode: the vampires of venice

"Got my spaceship, got my boys. My work here is done."


Alex, you are being so unreasonable right now.

It matters not what someone is b o r n, but what they grow to be.


Karen Gillan at the UK Premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy (July 24, 2014)

Karen Gillian at the European premiere of “Guardians Of The Galaxy” at The Empire Leicester Square on July 24, 2014




Bless you for bringing your broom everywhere you Quidditch-obsessed nerd.

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